Distracted driving bill sent back to Utah House Rules Committee

A bill that would amend Utah’s laws to further restrict the use of wireless communication devices while driving was sent back to the House Rules Committee Tuesday morning.

Rep. Carol Spackman Moss has tried to pass the same bill in years past, saying the goal is to save lives by enhancing the state’s penalties for distracted driving and making it illegal to manipulate an electronic communication device—such as a cellphone or laptop—beyond a single swipe or tap while driving.

The use of cellphones while driving in Utah is already banned, but only as a secondary offense, which makes it difficult for police to enforce.

The bill makes exceptions for using a wireless communication device legally while driving, in circumstances such as reporting a crime, reporting a safety hazard or making a call related to a medical emergency.

Opponents say Moss’ bill would make the law more difficult to understand and wouldn’t necessarily prevent texting and driving. What are you thoughts?

At OnMyWay, our mission is to put an end to distracted driving by incentivizing our users! Since our founding, we have saved over 146 lives and prevented over 22,000 car crashes with a mathematical certainty. While these laws definitely help deter drivers from using their cell phones, we believe this positive reinforcement is equally as powerful.

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How a Moment of Distraction Almost Cost Tiger Woods His Life

Tiger Woods, who was out in LA to host the Genesis Invitational over the weekend and to film multiple content shoots, flipped his car multiple times while driving “at a high rate” of speed earlier today. The 45-year-old athlete was taken to the hospital and underwent surgery to repair multiple leg injuries.

The 15-time major champion with 82 career PGA Tour wins has been recovering from a fifth microdiscectomy surgery on his back with hopes of playing professionally later this year.

Anonymous law enforcement sources stated that Woods had to be removed through the car’s windshield. The front end of the SUV was reportedly heavily damaged and the windscreen frame had been removed where Woods was extracted from the vehicle.

Talking on a phone increases the likelihood of a crash by 2.2 times; texting while driving, a whopping 6.1 times. With nine people killed and over a thousand injured in the United States every day, the idea that distracted driving is not a serious problem is farcical.

Thankfully, Woods’ injuries are described as non-life threatening. Given the description of the accident and the pictures of his car, it’s clear he could have been much more seriously injured or even killed.

As more and more interactive technology finds its way into the cars we drive, the probability of becoming distracted while driving grows. When you couple this change with the habit of some drivers to focus on anything but the road, you create an alarmingly high number of distracted drivers.

It’s estimated that distracted drivers injure approximately 421,000 people annually in the U.S. Even more concerning is that drivers in their 20s make up nearly 27% of distracted drivers in fatal crashes. With the overwhelming influence that sports heroes have on young people, the tragic accident that Tiger Woods suffered is a reminder that we need to make small changes to make a lasting impact.

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Have Smartphones increased distracted driving?

Distracted driving has become a common occurance on the roads nowadays. How many times have you been on the road and have seen someone texting, or not paying attention to what is going on around them? Although this problem has been around for awhile, has the rise of smartphones impacted distracted driving percentages?

Smartphones introduced us to an age of convenience like we have never had before. With everything we could need available at the touch of our fingertips, we have become attached to our phones. They have almost become another appendage – especially for those ages 16-25. Now distracted driving is not just calling or texting but also checking social media, surfing the web and much more!

With this problem on the rise, OnMyWay knew we had to do something. Our mission is to make distracted driving a thing of the past by incentivizing our users. We want to encourage people to “unplug” from their devices. We have found this is a solution that works! People are so much more inclined to make changes when they are being rewarded for doing so. Since our founding, we have saved over 145 lives and prevented over 22,100 car crashes – with a mathematical certainty.

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Reno Police Department gives 46 tickets in distracted driving operation – Bet they wished they had been using OnMyWay!

The Reno Police Department issued 46 tickets and gave eight warnings Saturday during a distracted driving crackdown. Police said they focused on areas that had the highest concentration of distracted driving collisions

“Nevada state law prohibits drivers from using cell phones to talk or text while driving,” police said in a statement. “Distracted driving is not limited to cell phone use when driving. It could also be anything that takes the drivers attention off the roadway creating a hazardous situation.’

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So how does OnMyWay work? Users earn $0.05 for every mile they drive without texting. Drivers can still use GPS, listen to their music and take calls as long as their Bluetooth feature is enabled. As long as your phone remains in the locked setting, you’re earning! There’s more! Passengers earn too – we want to change the culture on the roads and encourage people to “unplug”.

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Over the years, law enforcement and drivers alike have seen distracted driving crash and fatality rates soar. Most people have been affected or know someone who has been affected by a distracted driver. Want to share your story with OnMyWay? With our launch of the “Real People” section in the app/on our website, we feature these real stories to remind people just how a simple text or look at your phone can change a family forever. By highlighting these stories, our hope is to continue on our mission to end the distracted driving trend.

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What is the Ohio distracted driving law?

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine is proposing legislation that would make texting while driving a primary offense, meaning police could stop drivers for the offense. The bill would also increase the penalties for using a cell phone while driving.

According to the updated Ohio distracted driving law:

No person shall drive a motor vehicle, trackless trolley, or streetcar on any street, highway, or property open to the public for vehicular traffic while using a handheld electronic wireless communications device to write, send, or read a text-based communication.

Is texting and driving a primary offense in Ohio?

The legislation specifically makes the following a primary offense while driving: texting or reading texts, watching or recording videos, taking photos or looking at photos, live streaming, entering information into a GPS navigation program, dialing phone numbers or holding a phone while on a call.

All of those activities are currently secondary offenses in Ohio. Police cannot stop drivers for committing those offenses unless they also commit a primary offense, like running a red light. The Ohio State Highway Patrol said traffic fatalities have increased in five of the past six years. Current data says 2019 was the second-deadliest year of the decade, with more than 1,100 people dying on Ohio roadways.

Distracted Driving Statistics in Ohio

You don’t have to follow the local news every night to know that distracted driving is a problem, but here are a few statistics that might help you understand just how serious it is in Ohio:

In 2018, distracted driving caused 13,867 crashes in Ohio. These accidents resulted in 508 serious injuries and 52 fatalities. Distracted driving accidents increased more than 15% from 2013 to 2018.

What are the penalties of the hands-free Ohio bill?

The penalty is a fine of up to $150. The Hands-Free Ohio bill will increase fines for drivers who habitually use devices while driving. In cases where a driver using a device causes serious injury or death, the penalties will mirror those of drunk driving.

So What Can You Do?

Quite simply, use OnMyWay — even passengers benefit from not texting and driving. The Ohio driving laws fines are definitely not worth it, let alone the more serious consequences to the real people you could affect.

Who wouldn’t want to make an impact in their community?

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Let’s help impact Texas teen drivers with incentives

In 2017 alone, 2,526 teens were killed on American roadways. Attention span is a key consideration for teen drivers when it comes to risk in general, but even more concerning due to the added stress caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2020, which included nine months of a global pandemic, the number of trips where the driver was distracted by their phone went up to 40%. OnMyWay can impact Texas teen drivers in a positive way.

How cell phone use can impact Texas teen drivers

Crash statics of the number of Texas teen drivers who were under 21 years of age involved in car crashes in 2017:
211,803 total crashes
42,890: distracted driving
5,198: alcohol related
2,803: driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI – under 21 with any detectable alcohol in the system)
2,145: driving while intoxicated (DWI – BAC of .08 or greater)
653: driving under the influence of drugs
8,702: speeding
9,591: work zones
2,075: cell phone use

Technology is enhancing the way we live our lives. The developments in this sector have invented smartphones that help you have the world at your fingertips. They enable us to stay connected with our family and friends. Moreover, today everyone owns this precious commodity.

However, every coin has two sides. With advantages, smartphones also have certain disadvantages, which can endanger us daily.

The largest percentage of distracted drivers are under the age of 20. In 2018, 63% of deaths among passenger vehicle occupants ages 16-19 were drivers. When teen drivers ride with other passengers, their risk of being in a fatal car crash doubles. According to Carnegie Mellon University, listening to a cell phone reduces brain activity associated with driving by 37%. Talking on a cell phone slows a young driver’s reaction time to that of a 70-year-old.

Would you drive blindfolded the length of a football field at 55 mph?

That’s exactly what you’re doing by texting while driving. It is one of the common reasons for distracted driving. “Every day, nearly 1 million people use their smartphones while they’re driving” -cdc.gov

While the OnMyWay app can help impact Texas teen drivers and reduce the dangers of distracted driving, it’s crucial to keep your eye on the road and avoid texting while driving to cause any accidents or loss of life. Since our founding in October 2019, we have saved over 142 lives and prevented over 21,500 car crashes – with a mathematical certainty. We have found that incentivizing drivers rather than punishing them, results in real change! Our job will not be finished until distracted driving is a thing of the past…and we need your help to impact Texas teen drivers. Become a part of the OnMyWay family and download now!!

Distracted driving crashes down, but reason not yet clear – Could OnMyWay be the reason?

Some encouraging new data from the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute shows collisions on Indiana roadways involving distracted drivers dropped to a 10-year low last year, the same year that Indiana’s new hands-free driving law took effect. The ICJI says there were 8,761 crashes involving a distracted driver in 2020, down from 10,132 in 2019. However, like most things from 2020, the data has a proverbial asterisk next to it. In the last seven months, State Police Sgt. John Perrine says he and his fellow Troopers have noticed fewer people driving with phones in hand. “Personally, when I’m out on patrol, I don’t see as many as I expected to,” Perrine said. “And maybe as many as I saw prior to July 1st of last year.” However, public safety officials are unable to say how much an effect the hands-free law had on the crash numbers.

Could OnMyWay be to thank for the reduced number of crashes?? There is no way to tell but we have good reason to believe so! By incentivizing our users, we have found drivers are more likely to change their behavior. Since our founding in 2019, OnMyWay has saved over 142 lives and prevented over 21,500 car crashes – with a mathematical certainty. Users earn for every mile they drive without using their cell phone. The OnMyWay cash accumulated can be redeemed for rewards such as product discounts, travel rewards and even cash payouts when certain milestones are hit. Our job will not be finished until distracted driving is a thing of the past…and we need your help! Download OnMyWay now to join the mission and make an impact!

Distracted driving bill dies in House Judiciary Committee – You need OnMyWay now more than ever!

A bill that would have enforced tougher penalties for anyone caught texting and driving has died in the House Judiciary Committee. The author of the bill and local law enforcement are voicing their frustrations. Ridgeland Police Chief John Neal advocated for the bill and asked state Rep. Jill Ford to introduce it. “I’m extremely disappointed that this bill is not going have a chance to become law this year but am hopeful to get some momentum from law enforcement for next session,” said Ford in a written statement. The bill would’ve made operating a cell phone while driving a misdemeanor, and if convicted, drivers would have to pay a $500 fine. As the law is currently written, if drivers are convicted of texting and driving, they face a civil penalty and a $100 fine.

Now more than ever you need to download OnMyWay! OnMyWay’s mission is to end the distracted driving trend on the roads. These accidents and fatalities are so preventable if we all do our part and keep our eyes on the road! Since our founding in October 2019, we have saved over 142 lives and prevented over 21,500 car crashes – with a mathematical certainty. This is just the beginning! Our job is not done until texting and driving is a thing of the past and we need your help. Users earn for every mile they drive undistracted and then can take the OnMyWay cash accumulated to redeem product discounts, travel rewards and much more! We have found that incentivizing drivers rather than punishing them, results in real change! Become a part of the OnMyWay family and download today!