OnMyWay Is Your Company’s
All-In-One Solution To Distracted Driving

No Hardware Needed… Eliminate Liability… Increase Revenue and Loyalty… Get Started In Days!

Get Real Time Pricing, Benefits and Reach

Distracted Driving Is The #1 Cause of Employee Deaths
In Every Community.

OnMyWay Works Because It Is Built With Human Behavior In Mind...
So Far, With A Mathematical Certainty We Have:


Lives Saved


Car Crashes Prevented
OnMyWay Gas

Why Your Company Needs OnMyWay?

If You Have Employees, You Are Liable For Distracted Driving.

Built For Companies Of Any Size…

Save Lives

Save Lives and Prevent Car Crashes

Save Lives

Protect and Reward Your Employees

Save Lives

Improve The Bottom Line

According to Inc. Magazine and Outside Research

Enhance sales by as much as 20%+

Reduce employee turnover by half

Protect Your Employees and Community, Eliminate Civil and Criminal Liabilities

Increase the company's share price by up to 6%

Increase productivity by 13%

Easier access to capital and investors

Create a "reputation dividend” worth up to 11% of market capitalization

“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.”

- Warren Buffett

It's Simple, Protect Your Company, Employees, Community And Drive Your Marketing Objective At The Same Time.

OnMyWay Eliminates Your Company's Liability By Creating A Zero Tolerance Distracted Driving Policy and Enforcing it...

In Addition, We Provide A Marketing Use Case To Reach Our Network Of Over 127 Million Real People.

Stand out from the crowd

Business Goal Use Cases (Click On Any Use Case To View Example)

New Sales
New Clients
Loyalty / Rewards
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Choose Whatever Use Case That Works Best For Your Company...

These are just a few popular options; we can drive any objective

In-App Example

New Sales

Online Sales

Get Real Time Pricing, Benefits and Reach

Protect Engage, and Elevate Your Brand

Rewards, Not Promises - Create Positive Reputation and Growth
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OnMyWay Pays For All Rewards... Your Company Never Gets Billed For Usage... But You Get All The Credit!

OnMyWay User Generated Content Promoting Your Brand

Imagine The Places We Can Go... People Trust Real People!


Of consumers trust recommendations from family and friends more than traditional media



Ownership of all UGC content we deliver, automatically using our technology, It's Yours Forever



Of consumers are motivated to purchase from companies committed to making the world a better place

-Harvard Business-

Real People Creating And Sharing With Real People, It’s That Simple…

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Analyze, Optimize, Succeed - OnMyWay Real Time Dashboard

Everything You Need To See At A Glance, Generate Marketing Reports and Gauge Your Social Impact
OnMyWay Gas
OnMyWay Gas

Global Rewards – We Are Everywhere!

(Almost Everywhere...)



Events and Festivals


Major Gift Card




Hotels, Restaurants, Gas Stations

Grow your business with OnMyWay

Drive Safety, Drive Growth!

Growing Your Business and Saving Lives at The Same Time
Save lives