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The Global Problem Killing Businesses

Advertising Fraud Eats Most (99%) of Ad Budgets

Did you know, 52% of companies in the Fortune 500 have vanished, like a puff of smoke?


Site/App Fraud

  • Fake sites, spoofing
  • Auto-reload/refresh
  • Ad stacking
  • Tag manipulation
  • Redirect/sourced traffic
  • Fake sites, spoofing
  • Pop-ups/unders
  • Naked/invisible ads

Ad/User Fraud

  • Bots/fake users
  • Fake Devices
  • Background load
  • fake apps
  • DeviceID rotation
  • Random deviceID
  • Retargeting fraud
  • Fake Profiles/data
  • Malware analytics
  • Fake analytics
  • Fake attribution
  • Click injection
  • Incentivized views
  • Residential proxy

Not Viewable

  • App is not in use
  • Tab is not active
  • Browser minimized
  • 50% ad in viewport
  • Misrepresented
  • (1s display, 2s video)

Dr. Augustine Fou - Ad Fraud Researcher - MIT Grad
Bought traffic = Bot traffic

We Have Your Solution

People Based Targeting and Loyalty Programs

People-based Social Impact Marketing is defined as “a means to create a customer-centric, cohesive marketing
system that revolves around customers and their real-time behavioral data with incorporating social impact.

This data, combined with available first-party brand data,
allows brands to target customers in real-time, across devices and channels.”

This method does not rely on third-party cookies to track users or gather data,
and allows brands to meet customers in the places and times that they actually want to engage with them

People Based Targeting and Loyalty Program

A Global Business Phenomenon

Real People… More Sales… Increased Profits… Loyal Customers…

Less Cost. Zero Fraud.

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What Do You Mean "99%” Of Our Digital Ad
Spend Is Wasted?

Don’t take our word for it, follow the leaders.​

Chase reduced showing their ads on 400,000 sites to just 5,000 sites (a 99% reduction) and saw no change in business outcomes.

P&G turned off $200 million in digital spend and there was no change in business outcomes.

Airbnb cut $800 million at the start of the pandemic in 2020 and saw “traffic levels back to 95% of the traffic levels of 2019 without any marketing spend”

eBay turned off paid search ads and saw no change in traffic or sales on its site.

Uber turned off 80% of its paid mobile app install ad spending and saw app installs continue unabated.

OnMyWay Business Solutions

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Bertie Charles Forbes

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Founder of Forbes magazine

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